I call myself a Marxist for two reasons. The first is that he remains my principal inspiration and guide in my on-going efforts to understand the world in which I live. The second is that it irritates people.

Philosopher Robert Paul Wolff identifies the two great pleasures of being a Marxist academic (via mansplainedmarxist)


Old Soviet Poster 

What the proletariat needs is an educational system that is open to all. A system in which the child is allowed to develop and mature and acquire those general features that serve to develop character. In a word, a humanistic school, as conceived by the ancients, and more recently by the men of the Renaissance. A school which does not mortgage the child’s future, a school that does not force the child’s will, his intelligence and growing awareness to run along tracks to a predetermined station. A school of freedom and free initiative, not a school of slavery and mechanical precision. The children of proletarians too should have all possibilities open to them; they should be able to develop their own individuality in the optimal way, and hence in the most productive way for both themselves and society. Technical schools should not be allowed to become incubators of little monsters aridly trained for a job, with no general ideas, no general culture, no intellectual stimulation, but only an infallible eye and a firm hand.

Antonio Gramsci (via goneril-and-regan)


Che Guevara photographed while participating in the guerrilla insurgency in the Congo, 1965.


"¡Hasta la Victoria Siempre!"


Lenin and Приятель (Buddy) his cat




quick whip up of some communist propaganda for you!


Girl with a flag. 

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